Roommates for Travellers

Travelling is expensive, and one of the biggest costs is accommodation. Roamie creates a way for travelers to share accommodations with “roammates” to save money while having more experiences and making friends.

Stay in luxury hotels in Bali for half the price

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Book the best hotels

Roamie makes it possible to stay in higher end hotels at a cheaper rate by connecting you with a roommate. We like to call them “roammates”. We understand that many of you who travel alone enjoy the comfort and security of a hotel, but may not be able to afford the experience you want. Roamie provides you with a unique opportunity and unlocks a new way to travel.

Make friends

The best part of traveling is meeting new people from around the world. Roamie makes it easier to make friends by connecting you with a roommate to share your adventure with. 

Have life changing experiences

Now that you’ve arrived at your dream location, it’s take advantage of all the money you saved by sharing a room. Book a 1 on 1 cooking class with a local chef. Learn how to surf. Swing from a mountain. The possibilities are literally endless.

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